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“A few members of the family decided that it would be a good idea to get my grandson Mahkai started in karate when he was about two years old. I personally felt that karate was all about fighting and that maybe it wouldn't be such a great idea after all. Well we did go ahead and decided to enroll him somewhere and at the same time we noticed that you were teaching at BounceU, which was convenient for us. So I took one of your flyers and we came for the FREE session to your class. Well Mahkai has been coming for several months. I remember the discussion we had when I asked you if this was just about fighting and you so kindly explained to me that it was NOT; it was about building confidence, respect, focusing, etc. My grandson was in good hands with you. As of today, you have enhanced the good qualities that he already has and he carries it with him not only at home but to his pre-school, sharing with his teachers all that you instill in him. His confidence level is continually growing from saying, ‘I can't’ to saying ‘I can try.’ I can go on and on and I will continue to write progress reports as time goes on. But I thank you so much for how patient you are with kids and especially how much you are doing in the life of my grandson Mahkai. May God bless you!” – Lydia Boschitsch

“Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness has given me confidence and is helping me reach my fitness goals. Jeff pays very good attention and spends time with me on one self-defense technique until I feel comfortable with it. I would recommend Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness to anyone who wants to learn Krav Maga and get a great work out in as well.” – Dan Merkin

“Jeff is a fantastic martial arts instructor as well as a great guy. He will take as much personal time with you as you need and is always happy to do it. What he teaches has real world ties as Jeff teaches us how to actually defend ourselves in a violent world.” – Alex Merkin

“Jeff is a very dedicated instructor with a real passion for martial arts. He pays attention to detail and what would happen in a real situation. Each time, he analyzes the moves and what would work depending on the other moves beforehand and not just by sticking to a theoretical one-way-out technique. Instead, he personalizes each technique depending on the situation and the people's strengths. He takes the time to explain several approaches so that you pick the one that works best for you and is comfortable for you. Jeff has been learning martial arts since he was very little and Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness combines the practical aspects of Krav Maga with Jeff's lifetime experience of martial arts. I would highly recommend Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves and get some great workout in the meantime. For people who have already trained under some other type of Martial Arts, Jeff offers a chance to experience a different viewpoint that can only enhance what you already know. Jeff is also very good with children, as he knows how to explain things in simple terms and offers them a chance to learn very useful techniques while making it fun for them. It is always fun to train with Jeff!” – Katerina Varsou

“I have trained and studied Martial Arts for over 14 years. Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness takes a whole different view and focus on self defense than I have ever studied before. Jeff breaks down what actually happens in a street fight not what happens in a ring. I was completely blown away at how informative Jeff was and how much I took out from his classes! I highly recommend signing up with Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness, whether you are new to Martial Arts or the most seasoned martial artist, there is always room to learn a new trade especially since it helps you protect yourself and is a great workout!!!” – McLean Lipschutz

“Very focused and driven, this class taught me all that's needed for solid self defense!” – Jaime Rodriguez

“Jeff Katz is a seasoned martial artist in multiple disciplines and he draws on all of his skills in his Krav Maga training. He has the ability to instruct on many levels, working with fellow martial artists and young children alike, all the while keeping it fun and informative. Jeff is positive and patient and always takes the time to work individually with his students. His passion for martial arts and his attention to detail enables him to help students make adjustments that improve the effectiveness of their practice. Safety and a practical application of Krav Maga self defense and other disciplines are incorporated into his school. Jeff helps his students focus on self awareness, situational awareness and self defense while providing an invigorating workout. I highly recommend Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness.” – Barbara Meyers Anderson

“I did a private lesson with Jeff, was looking for conditioning and self-defense as well. Jeff put me through a rigorous conditioning program which after 10 minutes I was gassed. The self-defense training was also very useful as well. Jeff taught me a lot in the lessons I have done with him. I recommend his classes for anyone looking for self-defense as well as a cardio workout!” – Brian Schauer

“Best self defense instructor and classes I've ever taken! Very informative, and useful and I highly recommend it!” – Andrea Ramboyong

“Jeff Katz has been both my unofficial martial arts instructor and my best friend for many years. I've never met anyone more capable of performing and teaching martial arts, while at the same time as dedicated to mastering every new technique and style that he encounters. His skill for training people to be truly proficient martial artists while also training them to deal pragmatically with genuine potential life-threatening situations is unparalleled. As his friend, I've known for a very long time that he is one of the kindest and most dependable people I'll ever know in my entire life. He is such a kind, genuine and honest person, and dedicated, patient and knowledgeable martial arts instructor, that being taught by anyone else is of no comparison. If you are looking for an instructor who will truly teach you the best that martial arts has to offer, and also be someone that you can rely on implicitly, then Train2Live Martial Arts & Fitness is the place for you!” – Ross Merkin